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     How do you lead a team, big or small, when turbulence is the new normal? What kind of organization builds resilience and curiosity? How do you formulate marketing strategy in an on-demand, non-linear world? When technological developments run ahead of policy, what kind of self-regulation must be in place?

    Look to the Lead track to upgrade your leadership skills and thinking, no matter what career stage you’re in.

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    The pace of change can be overwhelming, but also thrilling at the same time. Marketers have never had so many shiny new toys as today. But which toy is best? How do you stay ahead of the curve? How do you integrated emerging technology with marketing processes and consumer journeys?

    The Explore track will upgrade your vocabulary, your concepts, and your working knowledge of marketingrelevant technology.

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    There’s nothing like hands-on learning to not only become familiar with concepts, but to become excited by the possibilities. From Instagram Stories workshops to gamified UX sprints, there are many ways to get from principles to applications.

    The Apply track will let you choose from a wide variety of first-hand intensive sessions.

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    PRACTICE (Room A)

    Transformation isn’t just wide, it’s deep. Category verticals have seen wave after wave of disruption and change, from finance to travel to beauty.

    In the Practice track, you can zero in on particular categories, and see how technology and digital marketing are key to transforming and unlocking the growth potential throughout the chain.

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    PRACTICE (Room B)

    Deep dive into more verticals in this Practice Track and see how digital technology impacts how industries operate, how they connect with their customers, and even how they create their products and services.

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    Intensive sessions focusing on some of the most relevant topics in today's digital landscape. Expect these sessions to be interactive, engaging, and with an actionable output.

Check our 3-day agenda at DigiCon 2019

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